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Hide! Hair dandruff go away!

SOS! Dandruff is accumulating on shoulder and hiding between hair.

In Malaysia, there is no way to escape hot and humid weather. There are a lot of people who worry about DANDRUFF problems. This has been the killer scalp problems facing by Malaysians.

The formation of dandruff begins from irregular lifestyle, lack of scalp nutrition, and stress. Do you know that there are different types of dandruff?

Dandruff depends on the type of scalp. It is divided into intelligence and dryness.

1) Dry scalp dandruff

People who suffer with dry dandruff indicate that the blood circulation is not smooth, lack of nutrition or aging scalp. The dandruff flakes are very obvious and might fell to your shoulders.

2) Oily scalp dandruff

People who sweat easily tend to have oily dandruff problems. Often, the heat is captured on scalp and hair. Temperature affects the growth of bacteria, and lead to oil secretion, which cause blockage on follicle. As time goes by, the oil blockage will harden and become oily dandruff pieces. This can be explained why certain people have yellowish scalp colour and always feel that the hair is not well clean after hair wash.

TO DO if you want to be free from dandruff?

Dry scalp dandruff

Tips: Provide enough moisture through the treatment!

Oily scalp dandruff

Tips: Frequent treatments are rather poison, daily shampoo only!

Despite there are different kinds of dandruff, the most basic solution works the magic!

Using a right shampoo product able to solve the problems! Folligen vitamin and mineral range perform the best action that words.

Sung! “Shampoo method to prevent dandruff!

1. Soak hair thoroughly with warm water for 2 minutes

The waste can be removed from the scalp when hair is wet enough and soften the harden dirt

2. Bubbling shampoo with a sphere in palm

Bubble in the palm before hand the shampoo on scalp and hair. When you have chosen a right shampoo, the effect can be better than a scalp cleaning treatment

3. Scalp massage in circular motion

Gently massage your scalp with fingers in circular motion to enhance blood circulation and release tension. Use Sea salt scaler to remove dirt and dandruff pieces on scalp. Next, provide nutrients to nourish your scalp and hair using Kaoline scalp pack. Meanwhile, this helps better nutrient absorption.

Bonus time – Edito’s recommendation!

Wonder what is dandruff shampoo?

Folligen shampoo

Scalp management is important to do so before problems turn from bad to worst. If you can’t control dandruff, you have high risk in facing hair loss problem! Folligen shampoo contains Vitamin B7,B3,and B5 to stabilizes the scalp and excellent effect on removing wastes. Biotin is key ingredient that helps to strengthen weak hair and alleviate hair loss symptoms.

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