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How to wash your comb?

Combing does more than we think. It untangles the hair and helps to heal the hair , as well as eliminating waste products such as dandruff and sebum accumulated on the scalp and hair and smoothes blood circulation. But all of this is when you use a clean comb.

Makeup brushes, sponges, and other makeup tools that touch skin are periodically cleaned, while many of us neglect to clean our daily hair comb in maintenance. The first thought of everyone will be like: Why shall I wash my comb? I have been using the same comb for many years without replacing it. Neglection – cause the germs of comb growing rapidly that you’ve thought. There are 300 times as many as the handles of the toilet and 20 times more than the shoemaker bacteria

As well as keratin, hair remnants of hair styling products such as wax, spray, and missing hair are piled up every corner of the comb whenever every time you comb your hair. Bacteria, mites, fungi, and other bacteria are accumulated

It makes no difference in contribute good will to your scalp if you clean your hair well daily but using a dirty comb. Combing your hair with a contaminated comb that is blooming with bacteria has a big risk leading to scalp disease. Scalp itchiness, dandruff, and folliculitis can lead to hair loss and scalp inflammatory

1. Clean the comb once a week

Press little amount of shampoo and blend with warm water to make foam. Next, embellish the comb and immersed in foam water for 10 minutes. Rinse off completely and dry up. Wash once a week

2. Dry under sunny places

After washing, dry the comb thoroughly under sunny place so that no moisture is left

3. Remove the comb hair

Cut the hair that is tangled in the comb with scissors and remove it with a toothpick or a thin tweezers

4. Brush every corner with toothbrush

The residue in the comb can easily be removed by gently rubbing it with  toothbrush

5. Replacing the comb every 6 months

The comb also has shelf life. It is recommended to replace a new comb or its bitsol fall once in 1 – 6 years, subject to the quality of comb used

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