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Tips to manage your scalp after hair dye

What is the easiest way to change your style accordingly to trend of season changes? The answer is to transform yourself with hair dye! immediately! The chemicals from colours can be harmful, so it is needed to learn some secret tips on scalp management after dyeing.

Majority of the people complain about scalp itching and pain after dyeing, depending on individual’s scalp condition. Frequent staining or discoloration stimulates the scalp and hair. Severe damage on scalp induces inflammation or damages the hair cuticle and injures the hair layers. Dyeing looks pretty and fashion, but you can’t buy it for a lifetime! Most importantly, how to maintain and well take care speak the most

Tip 1: Don’t shampoo your hair on the day of hair dye

It is good not to shampoo before the procedure. This is because natural secretions such as sebum accumulated on the scalp helps to protect the scalp from the heavy colours dye chemicals. So, let’s skip shampoo step on that day

Tip 2: Use weak acid shampoo

Week acid shampoo can dissolve the alkaline components of hair dye colours. Chemicals will melt the cuticle layers of hair, cause damaged and become rough. After the dyeing, the alkaline components will remain on the scalp even after several shampoo times. As time goes by, your hair will continue to damage, dry and frizzy. Week acid shampoo functions to balance the pH level of scalp and hair to remove any remaining alkalinity

Tip 3: Soothing and nutrition with scalp pack

To prevent side effects caused by dyeing, it is crucial to balance the oil and water level of scalp to keep hydrate and moisture. Use Kaoline scalp with rich nutritional sensation to pack on scalp and hair, in result of calm and nutritional feeling. Kaoline clay and hot spring water are good minerals extract from beneath the well to treat dry scalp and healing benefits

Tip 4: Scalp scaling

Hair dyeing accumulates chemical components and gives negative effects on the scalp. Dyeing residue can’t be removed completely by shampoo, it may cause itching and trouble of scalp. It is good to scale scalp after dyeing to remove dyed residue cleanly. However, since the scalp is very sensitive after dyeing, it should be done after 2 – 3 days after dyeing!

Tip 5: Use hair oil essence

Apply hair oil essence before or after the use of hair dryer or styling device to prevent hair damage. The hair essence softens the frizzy and tangled hair to help ease styling and prevent hair damage. After styling, apply hair essence one more time to the hair end to express a moist and shiny hair.

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