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The importance of scalp scaling

Do you clean your scalp every day? I usually think that daily hair wash is enough to clean scalp and hair.  Sooner or later, I realise that my scalp will get oily easily despite I have used quality or the right shampoo. This is because our scalp is exposed to little dirt every day, serious air pollution, the use of hair styling products, and hair dye. All of these reasons lead to the growth of sebum and clogged follicle. The wastage left on the scalp are clumped with sebum. It oxidizes over time and becomes harden so it can’t wash off easily with shampoo anymore.

Before VS After of scalp scaling

Even if you brush teeth three times per day, you will still have plague accumulated in mouth and teeth surface. Same goes to scalp, the plaque will stick on your scalp although you have shampooed your hair everyday – itching and keratin are the reason.

After shampooing, 95% of scalp tone is found on the scalp

Dandruff, keratin, oil, and dirt caused scalp stone (= sebum oxide), which is made by oxidizing and hardening of scrapes on scalp. This happens in almost everyone, not only specifically people with special scalp problems. According to the analysis results of hair scalp management center visitor diagnostic data, 80 out of 100 people have scalp stones remaining after shampooing. Respectively. It is difficult to completely remove scalp by using shampoo.

What happen if you ignore scalp scaling?

There are a variety of problems if you do not scrub your scalp regulary. Scalp itching, head odour, scalp keratin and oily hair are all caused by scalp calcification. In particular, the scalp pores are blocked, hair becomes thinner, loss of hair strength, and it hinders normal growth of the hair. Lastly, it may lead to hair loss.

Periodic scalp scaling removes and cleanses the pores, reduce oiliness level and regulate scalp respiration. Eventually, it becomes smooth and promote blood circulation – the scalp becomes healthier.

Scalp scaling is simple, quick, and easy to do at home

Choose a right scalp scaling product to use 1 – 3 times per week, is possible to remove scalp plaque without much time and cost. Sea Salt Scaler can be used instead of shampoo, which is no hassle. It contains 43% dead sea salt rand rich in cleomilk and natural minerals. In addition, it does not contain sulfate surfactant, silicone, paraben, and etc with little irritation on the scalp. It maintains the water balance in a weak acidic pH similar to a healthy scalp, which will not cause dried scalp.  

How to use sea salt scaler

1. Before scaling, comb your hair to ensure no tangles. Then, wet your hair with lukewarm water

2. Apply scaler with the tip directly onto the scalp

3. Massage lightly for 3 minutes and wash off. Salt pellets may remain between the hair, so rinse more than usual. Continue with Folligen shampoo

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