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Do and Don’t laws to prevent hair loss and scalp protect

Everyone wants to look young and healthy image regardless age boundaries. A rich, shiny, and healthy hair mean everything! In contrast, hair loss, pierced crown, frizzy, and dry hair make you look elder than your actual age. Hair care and hair loss prevention has been discussed from the past until now, but what’s the solutions to ease it? How to get away from these two troubles?

Suffering from hair loss has become the major worry of a woman in her twenties.  Hair loss, which has been caused mainly as an anxiety of middle-aged men, has recently been expanded to young people and women in their 20s and 30s. According to hair loss treatment status published by the National Health Insurance Corporation, there are1,030,000 people received treatment for hair loss in recent 5 years. 43.8% of them are 20-30 youth alopecia patients accounted for, men stands 570,000 people, while women stands 460,000 people

DON’T – Unhealthy habits cause hair loss

In fact, hair loss caused by unhealthy habits that affect body metabolism rate and cell re-growth process based on research by Dr.FORHAIR Professor. Frequent perms and hair dyes lead to unnecessary damage onto scalp and hair, leading to hair loss. Aside, unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diets such as an instant-oriented diet, smoking and drinking are part of the reasons contributing to rising of 2030 habitual hair loss of younger generation

No worries! Let’s look at the tips below to recover young scalp

DO – Good practice starts from now

Scrub your scalp after hair dye – Nutrition boost!

Dyeing or discoloration gives stimulation to the scalp and hair. Under circumstance of severe chemical attack, it often cause damage to the facial skin of scalp, causing irritation, or damaging the cuticle of the hair, which may hurt the hair. In addition, the residual dye remains on the scalp lead to scalp itching and troubles. After dyeing, use sea salt scaler to remove the staining residue by scaling the scalp, and gives a soothing and nutritional sensation to the scalp exclusive treatment with rich nutrition.

Identify the components of hair products

Choose the right products are the key! If you have sensitive scalp and hair loss,  choose a product that does not block the pores of the scalp, and without harmful ingredients that stimulate the scalp. Sulphate Surfactants and excessive shampoos can cause dry scalp and itching. When silicone rinse or treatment such as dimethicone (dimethicone) remains on the scalp, it can block the pores and cause troubles

Blow your hair with cool wind

If you dry your hair with hot wind, your scalp and hair may be damaged by overheating. Lightly remove the water with a dry towel, then dry your scalp and hair thoroughly with a cool wind . When using a styling machine with a high temperature such as a hair iron, use it in a state where moisture is left in the hair.

Nutrient intake and healthy diet

If you reduce the amount of food intake to reduce your weight in a short period of time, the blood circulation will be deteriorated due to lack of nutrients. Consequently, your hair becomes thinner and hair loss may appear due to lack of protein as a main component of the hair. If you are on healthy diet, use hair treatments to provide enough nutrition to hair, build up body tissues, and control essential physiological functions of your body. Consume healthy food choices such as beans, fish, tofu, seaweed, nuts, and others are rich in minerals – iron and vitamin B. Let’s eat a healthy weight loss.

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